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cat under stars

Dental implant and LASEK, part 2: the next few days

I had the good sense to schedule the LASIK on my week off.  LASIK with an eye recovers within a day for a nearsighted person, but leaaves you with a vulnerable eye flap.  Because my purpose with this was to make sports easier, I went with 'EK.  This has a longer recovery time.

My feed tells me I was still on antibiotics from the dentist, a fact I would have brought to the surgeon's attention, but nothing apparently came of it.

Puffiness around the eyes, terrible light sensitivity as well as sensitivity to wind--even the slightest breeze around my face was terrible.  I could read and post only by casting my computer screen onto my large screen television and sitting close to it. Even then I had to keep the screen on the dimmest setting possible and only read for a few minutes at a time.  I did lots of napping the first day.

Here is my uncorrected post:

"I must keepthis nrief, and I can't read my feed just now.
I am super light sensitive, a syptom that mabe shouldn't show up 'tl tomorrow. Maybe that means I'll recover faster?
Light hurts, a puff of air on my eyeball is torture, but otherwwise I'm doing very well. Not tired, though I know I must rest. Slightly nearsighted I think, but that's because eyes ike mine 'bounce back' and will bounce to a slight farsighted, by design.
Seriously wish I could read all my messages just now, but the white of the screen is just too much. Tomorrow if I'm lucky, in a couple days otherwise."

The next day my spirits were lifted if not my vision.

"Bacon and eggs, giant iced vanilla latte (homemade), a couple hours' nap, weather outside is grey and breezy. Wanna play! Okay, where's the dimmer? It's too damned bright out there, way too bright.
Brought to you by ctrl +, making this window cover about a third of the screen."

And the bandage contacts were as annoying as any contacts.  It helps to note that I'd made a mistake with the eye drop insttuctions, and was using the plasma drops instead of artificial tears when my eyes felt dry.
"</span>New rule: don't look down. Do not look down. For some reason that makes my eyeball think the contact lens is trying to fold. Not good.
(After Lasik they give you a 'bandage' contact lens to make airflow bearable. Do you know how long it's been since I've worn contacts?)"

Not sure why I waited for dark, except that I would later replace my ordinary sunglasses with wraparounds.  From the same day:
"</span>Waiting impatiently for the sun to go down so I can get more bottled water, and just get out a bit. Not near enough stamina to go to coffee but I figure I can handle the corner store."

That night my sleeping goggles came off in my sleep and I got a slight but perceptible pressure on my eyeball--right eye I think.  This resulted in what I described as glitter and fluorescent lights in my vision.  The bars of white light when I squint have persisted even to this day (September 10th) and bear a passing resemblance to an ocular migraine, something I do get on rare occasions when I've let myself get run down. While an alarming symptom, they don't seem to indicate anything. I also described my eyes as feeling smokey--dry, in hindsight.

Light sources, like the Christmas lights I decorate my home with, looked like spiders.  This has improved though it's still how I'd describe city lights at night.  The first night light sources were dialog balloons, so spiders were an improvement.  A day or two later they would become spider webs, absolutely clearly rendered spider webs emanating from any nearby light source.

The 11th, I realize the plasma drops aren't moisturizing well enough but by vision is too nearsighted to read my instructions, or to operate my scanner software.  I photograph my instructions and post it to friends, magnify it, and discover the mistake.  Ahhhh that feels better.

I remember, though apparently never posted, that I fell asleep under the air conditioner in one of the previous days.  I was not directly under it, keep a lightweight canopy over my bed, but woke up with eyes so dry they felt like I'd had chili pepper eye drops in them.  I have naturally dry eyes, but this went way beyond that.</span>
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