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cat under stars

Dental implant and LASEK, part 3: Day 5 +

I taped the sleep goggles on and slept well finally.  There was (and to some extent, is) the fear that one mistake at this point in healing could leave me with a blind eye or two, and that's terrifying.  Knowing the goggles could not slip off in the night removed that worry, so sleep finally came.

The next day I amused  myself with podcasts and audio books.  My close up vision--like, tip of my nose close--was shockingly clear, and I saw things in my apartment that I literally had never noticed before.  By day 5 I could hold my tablet a few inches from my face and read it, so vision was slowly gaining distance.

Nearsighted eyes correct simply.  Farsighted eyes like mine have to be deliberately overcorrected because they heal, regressing back to farsighted.  What I was experiencing was perfectly normal, and the memory of my doctor's face directly after my surgery assured me that I would not be stuck profoundly nearsighted forever.

Day six, a checkup and a removal of the bandage contacts.  That felt so good!  I looked forward to a proper shower and rinsing my hair.  I'm lucky that, especially on vacation, my hair looks decent without shampooing if I rinse it frequently.

Dominant eye is dominant, and at one point I could close it when it got too tired and resume reading with the non-dominant eye.  I'm reminded that my brain can shut out an eye if it wants to, as it did in my childhood, and make a conscious effort to use both.  I'm able to walk to and from the coffee shop, about a block from home, provided I walk carefully and stick with familiar routes. I can't actually see the sidewalk under my feet yet. Sharp headaches occur in my temples, but closing my eyes makes them go away so it's clearly just eye muscles getting a workout.   Neat trick though--if I want to see something that's just a little too far away, I take out my phone camera and point it at the thing.  The camera screen is close enough to see, though this makes fellow coffeehouse denizens nervous.

15th August I'm able to see my feet and the sidewalk under them.  A pimple threatens to form under one eye but that's possibly just from the bandage tape I use at night.  Still, I'm aware that eye surgery and dental surgery came rather close together.  No symptoms of the teeth noted, but my mind was not on that.

The 17th I note that I stank--was this my sense of smell coming back?  A friend on my feed thinks so. The steroid eye drops may be improving my sinuses, especially after the maxillary infection.  The dentist seems to think the eye drops can't effect anything but the eyes but that makes no sense to me at all.  No menstrual periods since the surgery, and occasional hot flashes though I know I get them under stress. Acid reflux is surprisingly quiet--is this too from lack of inflammation, or simply my vacation dietary habits?  I'll have to ask my ent when I see him.
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