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cat under stars

Dental implant and LASEK, part 4: back to work

The 19th and I'm back to work.  Air conditioning is very uncomfortable and the sunlight through the windows even on a cloudy day is uncomfortable.  Part of that is anxiety--without window glass, am I getting too much UV? Again with the notion that one screw up will leave me blind.  That's part of why I'm writing this, to reassure the next persion that they'll be fine.

Work is tiring but I get through it.  Since when is teaching not tiring?

August 20th posted a celebrity pinup on my feed.  I'm able to use a computer to work and have a little fun, though I don't tell the students that I can't get a clear focus of their faces.  Still nearsighted, though low contrast is easier to see than high contrast.  Faces, sadly, are high contrast.

Taking walks improves my visual focus especially at distance, but with improved focus comes the realization that my eyes are seeing second images, "ghosts".  The ghost of my cat on day two was almost as big as my cat himself.  Now they're just a line next to the image, though if I close one eye it's two ghosts in the left eye, three in the right.  I wonder if the goggle incident on the first day has anything to do with this.  I bring it to my doctor's attention and he's not worried at all.  I ask if I can get temporary glasses to make work easier and he says no, the eye muscles need to do their thing.  Damn.

23rd I realize that the steroid eye drops right before bed are interfering with sleep, and vow to take them a little bit earlier.  I woke up rubbing my right eye thinking I had a piece of cat fur in it, and scared myself.  A lot of eye drops to rinse it out, and night goggles again without consulting the doctor.  Nn harm in it.  The cat fur in eye sensation would last for two more days, and I didn't get proper rest until that weekend.  Dental checkup that weekend and progress was good, bone graft taking well and ahead of schedule.  I schedule the implant post for a Friday afternoon so I'd have the whole weekend to recover.  I'd have preferred it for the long holiday this month he he said naaaah, you won't need any recovery time at all.  My dentist lies.

The 26th I get an ocular migraine, though being a Friday before lunch I wasn't overly concerned--this has happened before. Eye appointment the following day so I'll ask him just in case.  At the appointment I try to explain the thing to him using this video, but my tablet froze.  What I did manage to explain did not worry him at all.  Tests show ocular pressure is lower than before surgery, which is weird but very good.

The next day I had a neck cramp and insomnia and complained of over-sensitive hearing.
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