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death note

Dental implant and LASEK, part 6: roll with the changes

Because of the holiday I was able to take my bicycle out last Wednesday, on to the river trail that is fairly recently built and, as I would discover, had the previous holes in it filled (holes being gaps where they were installing drains).  It felt great, great enough to put in just over 11km total.  Damn I had a pent-up need for the road.

Alas, any need for speed remains pent up.  Riding like that requires fine focus at a distance which just isn't there yet, at least not around the dusk hours.  I had to keep my speed at about 11 kmh in order to see pebbles and the like in time to avoid them, really frustrating since I prefer to ride about 18-20 kmh on the river trail, 15 or 16 on roads, and those speeds were just a very bad idea.  Even slow I misjudged a turn and ended up on a knee and an elbow, barely scraped but still humiliating.

Dusk is a nice time, since UV is not an issue and lights aren't doing their special effects just yet.  The special effects' novelty has worn off and now they're mostly annoying.  Starbursts are increasingly rare, showing up mostly when I look directly at a bright light source.  Even then they're usually hazy rather than spiky, circled by a rainbow, much like before the surgery.  Not every light source does this, though, which is a shame really.  Not only is it pretty, it's less annoying than what I do get.  I call them Satanic starfish.  Most headlights and tailights do this, a five-pointed star with one point down, not symmetrical.  Looking at the Christmas lights I keep in my apartment, the ones at my feet do this but the ones close up are starbursts. This suggests to me that the starfish are a function of wrong focus rather than double images but I just don't know.

Ghosts remain a problem.  I'm getting them as I type now, though with a small black font on a white screen.  If I magnify the screen...there...they seem to go away and I catch my typos.  Looking for them though they are there even at this size, just easier to ignore. Contrast makes them worse, low contrast and they're very nearly gone.

I mentioned faces last time, but I no longer notice them.  Has focus improved, or has my brain simply started working around that?  It's significant that eyesight is as much brain as eyes.

A checkup on Saturday, and sadly I won't have time for one more bike ride.  That would give me a sense of how much distance vision I have as well as improving it.  A ton of train time last weekend gave me hours to work on my distance vision and I felt it helped.  Just now, after a long day at work, my evening paper taken by an open window (around sunset and not in direct light, but cloudy meaning I had no real sense of UV exposure), my eyes are dry and just not up to playing around.

A link to explain ghosting and starbursts. http://www.visionsimulations.com/simulations/

Got a second opinion on the other molar that needs capped and yes, it needs recapped dammit. The implant isn't causing any troubles directly, but there's a pressure under my nose on that side from time to time that suggests my maxillary bone has not forgiven me yet.  I worry that the dentist did not get all the infection out, but other than that pressure spot there is nothing to indicate anything wrong at all. I did get an itch up in my nose, at lunch time today as well as just now when I poked at the pressure spot.  Deliberating inhaling a little bit of water fixed that at lunch time so it may in fact be a thing in my nose and not at all related to the implant, I just don't know.  At least in the mirror everything looks in order, and the second opinion dentist did not see anything worth commenting on.
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