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cat under stars

Dental implant and LASEK, part 7: this is getting annoying

I had a shot of whiskey in my evening coffee, so I'm feeling a bit whiny tonight.

Two weeks ago after playing around all weekend (and not resting) I got what could have been a cold.  In this case it seems to be a seasonal allergy, my body's response to dry indoor heat and falling leaves.  I called the eye doctor's office to see whether there were any medications I should avoid and the answer was no, nothing contraindicted by my eyes.  At three months I'm beginning to feel like they're just another part of my body now, something that, outside of the hat and sunglasses, don't take any special precautions.

The trouble is they're still nearsighted.  Sitting at coffee tonight--mind you, spiked coffee--the light bulb in the fixture above me was so clear I could almost read the print on the bulb, had I wanted to fry my retinas staring at it long enough.  Fully focused, no doublt images, approximately two meters from my face.  Across the room, however, came and went focus-wise.  Looking out the window into the garden and the after sunset colors were simply gorgeous but the lines between the green leaves and dark blue sky were not at all clear,  High contrasts items are even worse--the white pillow on the burgundy couch a mere three meters away produced a ghost image, but only if I focused on it.  Starker contrasts don't require such focus;  the hospital signs are still in doubles.

Nights--the satanic starfish are now less guy-on-fire and more like Air Jordan logos with tiny little jazz hands.   That's an improvement, right?  The moon the other night, though...I seriously wish it had been possible to photograph what I was seeing.  It was an orange crescent moon, just a sliver, but with my distorted visionn it looked as though it was leaping out of bed, a main image with two ghost images suggested someone getting up.  I wished I could see the unduplicated moon, but I also wish I couldd have photographed the leaping illusion.  Too bad.

Last appointment my right eye was 20/15 andd my left 20/25.  Neither doctor nor optometrist was concerned, but I know my own eye history.  As a child I had lazy eye and to this day my brain rarely uses both eyes, creating minimal depth perception.  My left eye may be slacking off.  I put a paper patch inside one pair of my sunglasses and wear those to and from the cafeteria, where I don't have to worry about tripping over anything on the pavement.  It is disorienting but it gave me nice sore temple-muscles on the left side so I may be on the right track there.  We shall see.

I remind myself that it's only been three months and that this can take uo to a year, but I'm also hoping to go home for good this winter which would make touching up a real problem.  I just hope I won't need touching up.

The implant gets looked at once a month like the eyes.  The new crown settled in and is easily forgotten, but the allergies had me worried.  Can I be sure those are allergies, and not a complication of the implant? 99% sure, but the sinuses are awfully close to all that.  Every little grumble on that side of my mouth makes me worry, and sinus pressure does push around the teeth on either side of the hole.The initial infection I mistook for unseasonable allergies, so I worry.

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The allergy proved to be both allergy and sinus infection. This is bad news for my general health; I hope the dentist takes it seriously. It's good news for the eyes though, as a couple days of antibiotics and now the leaves at the tops of trees have nice clear lines to them. Not tonight though--between infection and election I didn't even care to try to focus.

Re: update

Antibiotics until it upset my digestion, for a total of eight days which killed it good. Eyes are behaving nicely, but I've got "whistle breath" ie whenever I exhale all the way something below my throat produces a whistling sound. Coughed up a very tiny bit of phlegm that looked suspiciously yellow, back of my throat is a little bit raw, sinus area a little bit cranky.

There has been, all along, a foul taste in a molar on the other side of my mouth. This may be unrelated, but I worry that I am continually swallowing something pathogenic.

Ankle is a bit tender from admittedly abusing it all day last Saturday, but I must get back on the bicycle tomorrow. Exercise, I think, is the key to getting my immune system to kick whatever this is out.

Eyes are fine though, and I'm down to two drop doses a day from three. A minor adjustment period on that. I still think I'm nearsighted so I'll be careful tomorrow, even though the eye doctor called my left one a 20/22, slightly farsighted. He was annoyed, but I couldn't be more pleased.